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Trump strikes back at Clinton’s ‘phony’ speech

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Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton after her “phony” foreign policy speech Thursday, continuing to hit her hard over her private email scandal.

“Remember I said I’m a counter-puncher? I am. After what she said about me today in her phony speech — that was a phony speech, that was a Donald Trump hit job — I will say this: Hillary Clinton has to go to jail,” he said at a rally in San Jose, Calif., Thursday night.

{mosads}Trump accused Clinton, the former secretary of State turned presidential hopeful, of supporting the Iran nuclear deal because she doesn’t want to go to jail over the email issue.

“Anything Obama wants, she’s going forward with, because you know why? She doesn’t want to go to jail,” he said.

Trump noted the intense animosities between Barack Obama and the Clintons in the 2008 Democratic primary, saying they “hated” each other.

“The only reason she’s behaving like this, and the only reason she’s been dragged so far left, believe me, is she doesn’t want to go to jail over the emails,” he said.

“Folks, honestly, she’s guilty as hell,” Trump added. “The fact that they even allow her to participate in this race is a disgrace to the United States, it’s a disgrace to our nation.”

On Thursday, Clinton gave a major foreign policy speech that excoriated the real estate moglu for his rhetoric, temperament and policy proposals.

“Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different; they are dangerously incoherent,” she said in the speech in San Diego. “They aren’t even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds and outright lies.”

Trump didn’t address Clinton’s criticisms or defend his own foreign policy chops, except to dispute her characterization of his temperament and slam her decision to “stupidly raise her hand” for the Iraq War. 
“My temperament is so much tougher, and so much better, than her temperament. And, by the way, we need a tough temperament,” he said.
Trump also mocked Clinton’s speech as dull, likening it to sleep medication.

“I think she’s make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can’t sleep,” he said.
Trump made no mention of Speaker Paul Ryan’s Thursday endorsement of him.
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