NY Times accuses Trump of judicial 'ethnic cleansing'
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The New York Times editorial board on Monday slammed presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump lawyers to Supreme Court: Jan. 6 committee 'will not be harmed by delay' Two House Democrats announce they won't seek reelection DiCaprio on climate change: 'Vote for people that are sane' MORE for his racial attacks against a federal judge, accusing him of judicial “ethnic cleansing.”


The editorial questioned how the court system would work if federal judges could be removed from cases based on their ethnicity.

“Would exclusion be limited to first-generation Americans like Judge [Gonzalo] Curiel, who was born to Mexican immigrant parents, or would it be extended to his children, his grandchildren or even beyond?” the editorial says. 

“Would the exclusion of Muslims be limited to active practitioners of the faith or extended to descendants who were only vaguely religious or not religious at all? The answer, of course, is that once it started, the ethnic cleansing of the court system could be made to apply to any unpopular group at any time.”

Trump has said that Curiel, who is hearing a lawsuit against Trump University, should recuse himself from the case because his Mexican heritage poses a conflict of interest due to the presidential candidate’s immigration policies.

On Sunday, Trump said a Muslim judge would also have a conflict of interest since he has called for temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country.

“Mr. Trump is essentially arguing that his own bigoted attitude toward Mexicans has disqualified a respected jurist from hearing a court case in which he is a defendant,” the editorial continues. 

“Under that bizarre logic, he could rationalize ruling out judges from every demographic group he has insulted or happens not to like. At the rate he’s going, there would soon be no person in the land left to judge him. Fortunately, the American legal system doesn’t work that way.”