Charles Koch 'fed up' with 2016 race
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Billionaire Charles Koch, a major GOP donor, says he is "fed up" with the presidential race and will air TV ads that call on citizens to work together to fix a "rigged" economy. 


In an interview with The Associated Press, Koch said Donald TrumpDonald TrumpMcCabe wins back full FBI pension after being fired under Trump Biden's Supreme Court reform study panel notes 'considerable' risks to court expansion Bennie Thompson not ruling out subpoenaing Trump MORE and Hillary Clinton are personality politics at its worst, which is why he hasn't had much of a role in the election. 

"Both the primaries and the general [election] seems it's more, 'You're the enemy, you're evil, or you're stupid,' or whatever ad hominem attacks on each other," Koch said, "rather than trying to find common ground so different opposing views can learn from each other and we can find better solutions." 

Charles and his brother, David, steer hundreds of millions of dollars to Republicans at all levels of government. 

The Koch network has supported most of the previous Republican nominees but has yet to donate to Trump's campaign. 

At the request of the Trump campaign, Koch said, his policy team plans to meet with the presumptive GOP nominee's policy team. 

The Kochs will also fund ads encouraging citizens to work together to fight a rigged economy. 

"Look around: America is divided. Between success and failure. With government and corporations picking winners and losers. Rigging the system against the people. Creating a two-tiered society," one ad says.