Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpBill Kristol resurfaces video of Pence calling Obama executive action on immigration a 'profound mistake' ACLU says planned national emergency declaration is 'clear abuse of presidential power' O'Rourke says he'd 'absolutely' take down border wall near El Paso if he could MORE’s former campaign manager says the billionaire has four names left on his shortlist for the vice presidency.

“The list when I left was very, very short,” Corey Lewandowski said Thursday on CNN’s “OutFront." "It’s no more than four individuals right now.


“These are people everybody will know. They are household names. People will be very, very happy when he decides on one of these individuals.”

Lewandowski added all four contenders are qualified running mates who are enthusiastic about the position.

“The individuals he has talked to about that process has said they want to be a part of that process,” he said. “These individuals who are of the highest quality, who are ready and able to serve. They’d be ready to go on day one. There’s no on-the-job training here. They will help him achieve his legislative agenda.”

Lewandowski, who was debuting as a CNN political commentator after being fired by the Trump campaign, did not reveal any names Trump is considering.

Lewandowski reportedly battled with campaign chairman Paul Manafort, troubling Trump’s family and other campaign staff.

Lewandowski on Thursday vowed he would offer unvarnished opinions of the Trump campaign as a media personality.

“I’m a guy who calls balls and strikes,” he said. "I’m going to tell you how it is. That’s been to my detriment at some points in my career. There’s nothing that’s going to stop me from telling the truth.”

Lewandowski added he remains grateful for his role transforming Trump into the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

“I feel honored about being part of changing the American political system for the rest of our lives and going forward," he said.