Mitt Romney said on Wednesday that his family wanted him to get in the presidential race early on — and that at least one member is still pushing him to mount an independent bid.


“My wife and kids wanted me to run again this time,” he said during a discussion with John Dickerson at the Aspen Ideas Festival. “I got an email from one of my sons yesterday, saying, ‘You gotta get in, Dad. You gotta get in.’”

But the 2012 GOP nominee does not think that he’ll have much success without the full support of his party.

“I don’t think an independent candidate can win,” he said, adding that he’s not comfortable with the idea of rallying supporters around a campaign that’s sole objective is to stop another candidate — in this case, Donald TrumpDonald TrumpNorth Carolina Senate passes trio of election measures 14 Republicans vote against making Juneteenth a federal holiday Border state governors rebel against Biden's immigration chaos MORE.

Romney, who has run for president twice, also didn’t want to subject his family to the hardships of another campaign.

“It’s hard on family,” he said. “It’s hard on your spouse, sitting there in debates, just agonizing over what you're gonna say next. Or what your kids have to go through. Or what your grandkids go through.”

In addition to Romney's family, some Republicans urged the former governor to launch a late campaign as Trump dominated the primaries. And despite his repeated denials of interest in a bid, Romney's name continues to be mentioned among "Never Trump" conservatives.