Report: Trump listened in on calls at resort
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Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpWhere do we go from here? Conservation can show the way Gov. Ron DeSantis more popular in Florida than Trump Sotomayor accuses Supreme Court of bias in favor of Trump administration MORE allegedly eavesdropped on phone calls involving employees at his resort in Palm Beach, Fla., according to a new report.

The real estate mogul used a telephone console installed in his bedroom for monitoring conversations at Mar-A-Lago, BuzzFeed said Thursday.


BuzzFeed said six former employees claim the device worked like a switchboard, connecting to every phone extension at the estate.

Four of them further insist that Trump used the console to monitor calls at the club during the mid-2000s.

The quartet spoke on the condition of anonymity because they signed nondisclosure agreements while employed at the 126-room mansion.

“He listened in,” one source said, adding the workers at Mar-A-Lago were told to be aware of the billionaire’s possible scrutiny.

“[Trump] could pick up the phone in the bedroom and listen to any conversation that was going on,” a second person said, adding that Trump did so “to eavesdrop.”

“It was acknowledged that when he was on the property there was a likelihood of him listening in on your call,” a third former employee said.

A fourth person who once worked at Mar-A-Lago said it had a company phone network with a “barge-in” capability, which allows certain users to tap into and directly monitor calls on the network.

BuzzFeed said two former employees at Mar-A-Lago disputed the claim that Trump used the system for surveillance.

John Velez, the resort’s former director of security, said the idea is “ridiculous,” due to the network’s size.

“Trying to remember extensions to every suite is impossible,” he said.

Anthony Senecal, Trump’s former butler at Mar-A-Lago, also said the notion of Trump eavesdropping sounds implausible.

“He’s got lines to all the rooms,” he said of Trump’s console. "A lot of his friends stayed at Mar-A-Lago and he didn’t want to go through the front desk. As far as listening in, I can’t believe he would ever do that. I don’t know that he ever did that. I can’t see him doing that.”

BuzzFeed said none of its four anonymous sources back Trump’s presidential bid, despite enjoying their time at Mar-A-Lago.

Senecal and Velez publicly support Trump, now the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Trump’s campaign on Thursday said there is no merit to the accusations from the billionaire’s former employees.

“This is totally and completely untrue,” spokeswoman Hope Hicks said.

Bernd Lembcke, Mar-A-Lago’s managing director, said he had “no idea” what BuzzFeed wrote regarding the allegations.