GOP megadonor compares Trump to biblical figures

A multimillionaire GOP donor is comparing Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump nominates ambassador to Turkey Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago after signing bill to avert shutdown CNN, MSNBC to air ad turned down by Fox over Nazi imagery MORE to biblical figures like King David in an effort to woo conservatives, according to a new report.

Mutual fund investor Foster Friess wrote a letter to supporters drawing parallels between Trump, the controversial presumptive GOP presidential nominee, and heroes of Christianity, The Washington Examiner reported Thursday.


“[All] throughout history, God has harnessed imperfect people to fulfill his perfect will,” Friess said in his message before citing some examples. “King David sent Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah, off to the front lines in hopes he would be killed so David could play cozy with the guy’s wife."

Friess says in his letter he would advise “a principled evangelical Christian woman” to back Trump despite concerns about the businessman’s moral fiber. It adds conservatives must rally around Trump following sacrifices the real estate tycoon has made for them.

“You and I are changing and so is Donald Trump,” Friess said. "I do believe Donald Trump truly loves America and all it stands for."

“His courage of expressing what he believes is best for us caused Universal Studios, Univision and Macy’s to sever business ties with him,” he added. “The price he is paying and the attacks from the establishment Republicans seems to only add to his growing stature as a ‘folk hero.’”

Friess endorsed Trump late last month, arguing people should not be judged on their past or even present flaws.

“My success came from harnessing people’s strengths and ignoring their weaknesses,” he told The Hill in an email on May 21. "And also, from assessing people not according to their pasts or where they are today, but rather based on what they can become.

“I believe that as Republicans continue to unite behind Donald Trump, he’ll become an even better candidate.”

Friess previously endorsed and donated to former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) before backing Trump. Santorum suspended his White House run in February.