Gingrich slams media’s ‘deliberate distortion’ on Trump star tweet
The former Republican Speaker told CNN that a "deliberate distortion" is to blame for accusations that Trump’s tweet was anti-Semitic.
"I think it is so profoundly dishonest that it sickens me and makes me very angry," Gingrich said. 
"The media's deliberate distortion. It's absurdity. He has got a son-in-law who's an Orthodox Jew, his daughter has converted to Judaism, grandchildren who are Jewish. And he gave a speech at [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee] that was pretty definitive. And in the middle of this, you get this kind of smear?"
Gingrich pledged that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is “not going to back off” on his defense of the tweet.
"Just think about it for a second — you're doing a tweet about how somebody who is a crook, so you put in cash. That doesn't imply that she is Jewish. It implies she's a crook," he said. 
"We found exactly the same star was being used in a book about 'Frozen' by Disney. Does anybody want to argue that ‘Frozen’ is anti-Semitic?"
Trump has been fighting backlash after tweeting an image of Clinton with a background of $100 bills and the words "Most corrupt candidate ever!" in a six-pointed star, also referred to as a Star of David. The image had previously appeared on a message board for white supremacists. 
Trump has blamed the media for the outrage over it. He tweeted Wednesday night a picture of a Disney book that had a six-pointed star as part of its cover design as part of his defense.
Gingrich is heavily rumored to be on the shortlist to be Trump’s running mate. He ran a presidential campaign in 2012 that focused on attacking the media.
Gingrich said both he and Trump are "willing to take on the traditional system."
"A substantial part of the campaign is going to be — if you think the news media is honest and fair and totally neutral, then you ought to vote for Hillary. But if you think the news media is biased, then join me," he added.