The Republican National Convention closed Tuesday night with a Muslim American leading the delegates in prayer.

"Let us pray ... for a safe America,” said Sajid Tarar, founder of the group American Muslims for Trump.


"And let's ask God to make us strong to fight terrorism all over the world.

"The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that we all have a piece of flesh in our bodies. If it is good, then the whole is good; if it is not, then the whole body is spoiled."

There was tension in the Cleveland crowd while Tarar spoke. 

One supporter of GOP presidential nominee Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump says he doesn't want NYT in the White House Veterans group backs lawsuits to halt Trump's use of military funding for border wall Schiff punches back after GOP censure resolution fails MORE began shouting him down, saying, "This is an abomination." 

He quickly attracted a media throng, but other Trump supporters told him to shut up and get out. 

Others stood and clapped as Tarar led the prayer.

Tarar was an early supporter of Trump despite the billionaire proposing a temporary ban on allowing Muslims to enter the United States. 

Trump's Muslim ban proposal, made during the primary season, has since been tweaked to be not a religious ban but a ban on people traveling to America from countries that are hotbeds for terrorism.