Kasich doubts Trump can win Ohio
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"Ohio's a snapshot of the country. People in Ohio want to see a positive agenda, a positive way to move forward," Kasich told Philly.com, calling Trump a “divider.”
"My position is, I'd like to see Donald become a unifier and positive. We just have some fundamental disagreements including a few areas: trade, immigration, foreign policy," he added.
Kasich, who mounted his own GOP presidential run, has not endorsed Trump, the Republican nominee for president. He did not attend last week’s Republican Nacional Convention in his home state.
"Without an endorsement, I thought it would be inappropriate for me to go in there and make some kind of a talk," he said.
Kasich also hinted at talks that took place between the two campaigns in the past, but would not reveal the details about the extent of those conversations.
"There were conversations between some of my advisers and some Trump people," he said. "That was then, and we're moving on. I can't tell you exactly what happened."
Reports emerged this week that Trump’s family reached out to Kasich in May, offering to make him “most powerful vice president in history.” Trump has denied the reports.