Shouts of protest greet opening of Clinton speech
© Greg Nash
As the Democratic presidential nominee began her remarks, a handful of protesters began to yell out, attracting shushes and drowned out by competing chants from Clinton supporters.
The protests were barely audible on television.
The California delegation which has a heavy contingent of Sanders supporters, unveiled signs protesting trade deals and revelations that Democratic National Committee officials discussed working against Sanders campaign.
Several members of the California delegation, holding up signs reading "Walk the Walk" turned their backs to Clinton as she spoke. 
Elsewhere, some Sanders delegates held up signs for Jill Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee, protesting war, or calling for a ban on hydraulic fracturing.
Clinton did not acknowledge the protests as she spoke, but many Clinton delegates began to chant her name to drown out the protests.
The disruptions quieted down as Clinton continued, although one protester was removed from the Florida delegation by convention staff. She had tape over her mouth that read "I'm Fine."