Trump would give back military gear to police
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Donald TrumpDonald TrumpUN meeting with US, France canceled over scheduling issue Trump sues NYT, Mary Trump over story on tax history McConnell, Shelby offer government funding bill without debt ceiling MORE says he would allow police access to military-grade equipment if elected, reversing limits imposed by President Obama last year after civil unrest in Ferguson, Mo.


"I would do that in a heartbeat," Trump said Thursday in an interview with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on WISN AM 1130. 

"I thought it was ridiculous, and I think the whole concept is ridiculous of what they did. And I mean, all of a sudden, people are going to start saying, 'Oh, now we feel much better because they don't have protection,' because that's basically what you're saying in a form. But absolutely, 100 percent yes," Trump said. 

Obama last year implemented new limits on sending military supplies to local law enforcement from federal agencies or with federal funds. The partial ban covers tracked armored vehicles, armed aircraft, bayonets and guns, and ammunition of .50 caliber or higher.

The gear is often too costly for police departments to purchase on their own. 

Other equipment such as drones, firearms and riot gear must be approved by local governments. 

The White House will take a second look at those restrictions following the recent shootings targeting officers, according to Buzzfeed

The issue of mlitarized police units sparked a national debate during the violence in Ferguson, Mo., in the summer of 2014.

Protesters, who took to the streets after the killing of Michael Brown, a black teenager, at the hands of police, clashed with heavily armed law enforcement officials.