Trump promises press conference on Melania's immigration story
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At a rally Tuesday evening in North Carolina, Trump said his wife, Melania, came into the country legally.
"She has got it so documented," Trump said, adding she will hold a news conference over the next few weeks to address the issue.
"They said, 'Melania Trump may have come into our country illegally' and 'how would that be for Donald Trump?'" Trump said of the media, after questions arose about when and how Melania Trump received her green card. 
"Here's the only problem, she came in totally legally," he continued.
"I said to her: 'No no, let is simmer for a little while. Let them go wild, let it simmer, and then let's have a little news conference.'"
Reports published earlier this month raised questions about whether Melania Trump had a visa allowing her to legally work in the United States when racy photos republished last weekend by the New York Post were originally shot. It also called into question when she came to the United States.
She said in response that she has always abided by U.S. immigration laws.
At another rally earlier in the day, the GOP nominee appeared to joke about the possibility that gun owners could take action against his Democratic rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, which set off a barrage of criticism. 
CNN said Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed that Melania Trump will hold a press conference, though no details about the timing have been announced.