No record of Clinton, aides taking required ethics courses
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Documents obtained by the Republican National Committee (RNC) via a Freedom of Information Act request showed that some staffers met some or all of the agency’s requirement, but the former secretary of State and six other top aides are not among them.
New State Department staffers must take an ethics training course and follow up annually. 
The six aides who had no record of attending the ethics courses were Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills; Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin; Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Jake Sullivan; Special Representative Kris Balderston; Director of Policy Planning Anne-Marie Slaughter; and Special Assistant Caitlin Klevorick. 
None of them are with the State Department. Sullivan and Abedin are part of Clinton's presidential campaign. 
McClatchy first reported the findings. 
Deputy Chief of Protocol Dennis Cheng, Assistant Secretary Andrew Shapiro and Deputy Assistant Secretary Philippe Reines all participated in the initial training, but there are no records confirming they continued to take those classes. 
It's unclear whether Shapiro or Klevorick needed to take the annual review, McClatchy reported.
Cheng is also part of Clinton's campaign. 
The absence of records doesn't prove the officials didn't take the mandated classes, State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told McClatchy. She noted that the department shifted to an online ethics class to make it easier to track who participated. 
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus framed the revelation as more proof Clinton is untrustworthy, noting the recent swell of allegations about the relationship between her agency and her family foundation. 
"The complete absence of records showing Clinton and her top aides completed annual ethics trainings required by federal law is par for the course for her tenure as secretary of state, where the rules didn’t seem to apply and pay-to-play was the name of the game," Priebus said in a statement. 
"Too much is at stake in this country to have our next president compromised by conflicts of interest with foreign donors and besieged by one scandal after another.” 
The release includes the available records for staffers and others who did participate in ethics courses, as well as an email exchange with Abedin about the need to meet the requirement. 
There were also multiple reminder emails about the annual ethics training sent to staff.