The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Tuesday released an ad using controversial headlines from Breitbart News — the outlet once run by Donald TrumpDonald TrumpTrump State Department appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot Intelligence community investigating links between lawmakers, Capitol rioters Michelle Obama slams 'partisan actions' to 'curtail access to ballot box' MORE's new campaign CEO — to attack the GOP presidential nominee's campaign rhetoric. 

“Former chairman of Breitbart News Stephen Bannon is now Donald Trump’s campaign chief,” the ad text says. "These are some of the headlines his publication has put out.”


A man and a woman then read headlines published by the conservative outlet.

“’Would you rather your child had feminism or cancer?’” the woman reads. "'The solution to online ‘harassment’ is simple: Women should log off.’"

“’Trump: I’m too smart to imply Megyn Kelly was on her period,'” she reads, referencing Trump’s feud with the Fox News anchor, adding, "Pretty sure we knew what you meant, Donald.”

“’Big gay hate machine closes Christian pizza parlor,” the man recites. "'Climate expert: Marxist, global warming extremists control Vatican.’”

Both narrators ultimately encounter headlines that they cannot finish reading aloud without stopping in disgust.

“’Dear straight people: 'I’m officially giving you permission to say gay, fag--t, and qu--r,’” the man reads. "What is wrong with these people?”

“I can’t read this, this is way too offensive,” the woman adds, when confronted with the headline “Tra-----s whine about hilarious Bruce Jenner billboard.”

The ad concludes that Trump’s ties to Bannon and Breitbart disqualify the real estate tycoon from the Oval Office.

“By hiring Bannon, Trump is doubling down on bigoted rhetoric,” the ad text reads.

“This divisive attitude has no place being in the White House,” the man says. 

“You can help make sure it isn’t,” the woman adds. "Register to vote.”

Trump overhauled his presidential campaign last week, appointing Bannon as chief executive and GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway as the new campaign manager.

The shake-up came after a series of rough news cycles for Trump, who is gradually slipping behind Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton brings up 'Freedom Fries' to mock 'cancel culture' Edie Falco to play Hillary Clinton in Clinton impeachment series White House defends Biden's 'Neanderthal thinking' remark on masks MORE in both national and statewide polls.

Clinton, the Democratic nominee, plans to give a speech Thursday linking Trump with the “extremism” of the “alt-right” movement.

“This ‘alt-right’ brand is embracing extremism and presenting a divisive and dystopian view of America which should concern all Americans, regardless of party,” her campaign said Tuesday.

The Washington Post reported last weekend the alternative right, or the so-called alt-right, is a movement generally comprising those opposing immigration and multiculturalism.

The ideology has gained mainstream attention this year as Trump’s presidential campaign tries maximizing its appeal to white voters.