Trump slams Clinton for promising 'massive amnesty'
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"Hillary Clinton wants a totally open border. She wants catch and release. She wants ObamaCare and other things for illegal immigrants — in many cases, more than our great veterans get," Trump said during a rally Tuesday night in Austin, Texas.
"She has said she's going to give massive amnesty in her first 100 days. She wants to gut immigration enforcement. The immigration people do such a great job, but they have no leadership at the top."
The GOP nominee continued to criticize Clinton for supporting sanctuary cities, putting his hand up and making a cutting motion at his throat.
He also said the Democratic nominee wants to let people overstay visas without being removed from the country.
"One lawless order after another," he said.
"We must not let that happen. We are going to vote for President Donald Trump and we're going to stop it," he said, to cheers from the audience.
The real estate tycoon has in the past called for some kind of deportation force to remove the 11 million people in this country illegally.
But questions have been raised over his position on immigration over the past few days, after Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said it's "to be determined" whether the candidate's plans will include some type of deportation force.
In a town hall set to air Tuesday night on Fox News, Trump said he would be open to some "softening" on immigration laws, adding he's "not looking to hurt people."
"We want people — we have some great people in this country," he told Sean Hannity. "We are going to follow the laws of this country."