Report: Trump campaign CEO was accused of sexual harassment
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Republican presidential nominee Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpNYT publisher: US didn't step in to protect reporter from arrest in Egypt so paper turned to Ireland Trump instructed administration to withhold military aid for Ukraine days before call with president: report More Democrats threaten impeachment over Trump's dealings with Ukraine MORE’s campaign CEO was accused of sexual harassment during a 1990s court case, according to a new report.

Stephen Bannon was named one of two associates alongside the case’s primary defendant, BuzzFeed said Monday.


BuzzFeed said the suit centers around Bannon’s time as director of Biosphere 2, a research facility in Oracle, Ariz., which aimed to simulate life on the surface of Mars.

Bannon was an investment banker at the time, it said, and worked as a consultant cutting the project’s costs.

Texas billionaire Edward Bass, the project’s financial backer, hired Bannon while he was based out of Los Angeles, the news outlet added.

BuzzFeed said Margret Augustine, Biosphere 2’s former director, filed a lawsuit listing Bass as the primary defendant.

Augustine’s suit also alleged that Bannon and Martin Bowen, a fellow banker, acted as Bass’s agents against her.

“Both Bowen and Bannon were insulting to the plaintiff and other female employees of Biosphere 2, and in their presence, and against their will, made lewd remarks, told offensive, off-color stories, made disparaging remarks about females, made sexually suggestive remarks, discussed females they had known in a lewd and derogatory fashion and in general acted with total indifference to the feelings of the plaintiff and other female employees of Biosphere 2,” her complaint states.

Both Bannon and Bowen denied the allegations of sexual harassment against them during the lawsuit.

“[I] did not undertake any sexual harassment towards Margret Augustine,” Bannon said in an affidavit from the case.

A spokeswoman for Bannon told BuzzFeed Monday that Augustine was dealing with her own lawsuit at the time.

“The Bass Organization sued Ms. Augustine for fraud for embezzling $800,000,” she said. 

“She then sued two representatives of the Bass Organization having never complained about any behavior. Subsequently, she dropped her legal action. Ms. Augustine was removed as CEO in a corporate restructuring in 1993.”

BuzzFeed added that Augustine’s complaint said she contacted Bass about inappropriate conduct but action was never taken.

The Tucson Citizen reported in May 1994 Bass sued Margret for allegedly paying a company she owed nearly $800,000 with unaccounted-for Biosphere 2 funds.

Bass’s suit accused Augustine of engaging in “schemes” for her own gain alongside two other former crew members.

BuzzFeed said Augustine ultimately dropped charges of slander and invasion of privacy after a judge ruled in Bass’s favor.

Both Augustine’s sexual harassment charges and the countersuit against her were settled, the news outlet added.

Trump appointed Bannon his campaign’s chief executive during an overhaul earlier this month.

The New York Post also cited court documents in a report last week that Bannon’s now ex-wife accused him of attacking her in 1996.