Trump camp blames Korea nuke test on Clinton's 'catastrophic failure'
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“North Korea's fifth nuclear test, the fourth since Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, is yet one more example of Hillary Clinton's catastrophic failures as Secretary of State," Trump communications adviser Jason Miller said in a statement.
"Clinton promised to work to end North Korea’s nuclear program as Secretary of State, yet the program has only grown in strength and sophistication. Hillary Clinton’s North Korean policy is just one more calamitous diplomatic failure from a failed Secretary of State.”
The statement from the GOP nominee's camp pointed to Clinton’s comments about North Korea during her 2009 confirmation hearing.
"Our goal is to end the North Korean nuclear program — both the plutonium reprocessing program and the highly enriched uranium program, which there is reason to believe exists, although never quite verified," Clinton, now Trump's Democratic rival, said at the hearing.
The U.S. and China have condemned North Korea's latest nuclear test, with U.S. officials calling it a threat to regional security.
“The United States does not, and never will, accept North Korea as a nuclear state,” President Obama said Friday.
The nuclear test was discovered after reports of a 5.3 magnitude earthquake near its nuclear testing facility.