Press enraged over Trump
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Reporters bristled at their treatment during Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpCDC updates website to remove dosage guidance on drug touted by Trump Trump says he'd like economy to reopen 'with a big bang' but acknowledges it may be limited Graham backs Trump, vows no money for WHO in next funding bill MORE's campaign event Friday, where the GOP presidential nominee only briefly addressed his past skepticism of President Obama's birthplace and abruptly left without taking any questions.

Trump then barred reporters from joining a tour of his new hotel, which prompted the pooled television reporters to erase their video from the tour, according to multiple reporters. 


“As the designated pool producer; attempted to go on pooled tour, as is customary. Was physically restrained from accompanying the camera,” ABC News journalist Candace Smith tweeted.

“Blocked is perhaps the better term. Tried to go through the door, was gently pushed back as door was closed. But that is all irrelevant. The fact is Trump did not allow the official pool to go with him, successfully avoiding any questions.”

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell defended the decision to delete the footage of the tour in her own Twitter post.  

“We have obligation to cover the Republican nominee when he is in public but that may not mean images of his hotel tour must be disseminated,” she said. 

NBC is part of the rotation of reporters, commonly referred to as a “pool,” in which a smaller group covers Trump and sends out footage and notes to the much larger press group.

That practice is long used as a compromise between the media, which wants to have a presence at campaign events, and a campaign that doesn't want a horde of media following their candidate, especially in small venues. 

There have long been tensions between the pool and the Trump campaign, as the GOP nominee refuses to allow a constant media presence like the one that follows the president in case of breaking news, referred to as a protective pool. 

As recently as Thursday night, Trump drew cheers from a crowd when he said the press was stuck on their plane and had been unable to accompany him.

“I have really good news for you. I just heard that the press is stuck on their airplane. They can't get here. I love it,” Trump said according to NBC News. 

He added that he wanted to start anyway despite the press telling him they would be 30 minutes late. 

Television anchors laid into Trump on Friday. News networks carried the event in full under the impression he would expand on his past “birther” claims and take questions. 

But instead, Trump made only the brief remarks, spending the vast majority of the event honoring Medal of Honor winners and veterans there supporting Trump and lauding his new hotel just a stone's throw away from the White House.

“We got played again by the Trump campaign, which is what they do,” CNN's John King said, making clear that he did not mean to disrespect the service members being honored at Trump’s hotel 

“He got a live event broadcast for some 20 minutes.”

After Trump left to tour the new hotel, security stood by the doors and and refused to let reporters and some attendees out of the event hall to follow Trump. Once they opened the doors, Trump had left the building. 

As everyone waited inside the hall, the backdrop for the event came tumbling down, including American flags, military flags and one marking the sacrifices of service members killed or missing in action. 

No one appeared to be hurt in the mishap.