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Limbaugh: Clinton ‘a witch with a capital B’

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Rush Limbaugh says Hillary Clinton came off as conceited during her first presidential debate with Donald Trump.

“She came off exactly as many people see her: A witch with a capital B,” the conservative radio host said on his show Tuesday.

{mosads}“She is Queen Hillary on the way to being coronated,” Limbaugh continued. “The continual smug, self-satisfied smirk that she had on her face the last 45 minutes?

“That’s when she thought, ‘This guy’s making a fool of himself. I’m winning this.’ Major blunder.”

Limbaugh said the Democratic nominee failed to convince voters that her GOP rival didn’t belong on the debate stage.

“She had to demonstrate that Donald Trump has not earned and doesn’t deserve to even be going toe-to-toe with her on that stage, and she doesn’t do that,” he said. “There’s not a single person when this was over that said Trump didn’t belong.”

“He demonstrated to every one of his supporters and even detractors that he had every bit the business being on that stage that she does,” Limbaugh continued. “Her primary attack item blew up in her face last night, and the drive-bys are not gonna see this.”

Limbaugh also came to Trump’s defense after the Republican received poor reviews for his first debate.

He said Trump’s detractors are foolish for comparing him with a veteran politician like Clinton.

“[They’re] plugging Trump into the system they are accustomed to and comfortable with and proclaiming him to be failure at it,” he said. “Well, he’s not a 30-year career politician.

“And yet he’s being judged the same way they would judge Hillary Clinton or anybody else who’s been in that business for 30 years.”

Limbaugh said the spotlight should be on Clinton.

“[Clinton’s] been complaining and whining about the same things for 30 years. What has she accomplished in these 30 years? Literally diddly-squat, other than goofing up and messing up, for the most part, what she touches,” he said.

Monday’s debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., netted record ratings. More than 80 million people watched Clinton and Trump debate, according to Nielsen research.

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