Trump on debate: I was 'holding back'
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"Last night, when I debated Secretary Clinton on America's future, for 90 minutes, I watched her very carefully, and I was also holding back," Trump said during a rally at an airplane hanger in Melbourne, Fla.
"I didn't want to do anything to embarrass her, but I watched her and she was stuck in the past."
Trump said he watched the Democratic nominee defend the "terrible status quo" on issue after issue.
"I laid out our plan, all of us together, to bring jobs, security and prosperity back to the American people," Trump said, of his debate performance.
"For 90 minutes, she argued against change while I called for dramatic change. We have to have dramatic change, we have to get rid of Obamacare. We have to strengthen up our depleted military. It's in such bad shape. We're going to do a lot of great things."
Trump also bragged about polls that showed him winning Monday night's debate, calling them "things of beauty." He cited a Drudge Report poll, which he said had him leading Clinton, 80 to 20 percent.
Trump also during the rally said the "single weapon" the Democratic nominee has is the media.
"Without the mainstream media she wouldn't even be here folks, that I can tell you," Trump said.
"She wouldn't even be here. She wouldn't have a chance."