Videos of Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpHarris bashes Kavanaugh's 'sham' nomination process, calls for his impeachment after sexual misconduct allegation Celebrating 'Hispanic Heritage Month' in the Age of Trump Let's not play Charlie Brown to Iran's Lucy MORE giving a sworn deposition in a lawsuit involving his Washington, D.C., hotel were released on Friday.

Trump was deposed in June as part of a lawsuit he filed against celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian, who backed out of an agreement to start a restaurant in the new hotel. The restaurateur had cited the presidential candidate's controversial rhetoric toward Hispanics.


Transcripts of the deposition were reported last month, but Trump's attorneys had fought to keep the videos sealed, arguing that the footage could be used against him in campaign ads.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Brian Holeman rejected that argument Thursday night, according to Politico.

"This Court finds that Plaintiff has not demonstrated that any subject video deposition contains scandalous, libelous, or other unduly prejudicial material warranting denial of media access," the judge wrote. 

"The public shall not be held captive by the suggested eventuality of partisan editing in a manner unfavorable to Plaintiff or the deponents."

Buzzfeed was one of several media outlets that had requested the footage be made public.

During the deposition, the attorney questioning him, Deborah Baum, referenced his campaign launch speech in which he made comments about “Mexicans and immigrants.”

“Illegal immigrants,” Trump clarified. “Which is a very big topic in this country, and which is a topic that has led to my nomination in a major party in the country. So it’s not a very out there topic.”

Trump said his comments about undocumented immigrants being rapists and murderers were premeditated, but that he didn’t give any thought to how it would affect his tenants.

When asked if his remarks were misinterpreted by liberal groups and media, Trump demurred.

“Well I don’t know, some have misinterpreted and some haven’t,” Trump said. “The voters I don’t think have. I got more votes than anybody in the history of the Republican Party primaries — by a lot. And you know that’s pretty mainstream when you think about it.”

He said his presidential candidacy may even have helped Zakarian’s business if he hadn’t backed out of the lease.

“I’ve tapped into something,” he said.

Trump added that he wasn’t troubled by companies distancing themselves from him in the wake of the controversial comments.

“I’m a big boy, I understand,” he said. “I’ve been making these statements, by the way, for many years. This is not just new. When you’re client signed his lease, my views were out there very, very strongly.”