Libertarian VP: Clinton might be the most qualified to be president
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"I'm not sure anybody is more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States," Weld told MSNBC's Chuck Todd when asked if Gary JohnsonGary Earl JohnsonOn The Trail: Making sense of Super Poll Sunday Polarized campaign leaves little room for third-party hopefuls The Memo: Trump retains narrow path to victory MORE is more qualified.
"That's not the end of the inquiry, though," Weld continued. "We were two-term governors and I think Gary is very, very solid," he said, describing the former New Mexico governor as insightful.
Weld argued Johnson would be a better president than Clinton because "he's got a very appealing policy mix." He defended his running mate during the appearance following Johnson's gaffe this week when he couldn't name a world leader he admires.
"I think his insight that it pays to have some restraint about military incursions for the purpose of regime change before we spill American blood on foreign soil and put boots on the ground in countries where we don't just like what the government in that country is doing, I think that's a valuable insight," Weld said. 
Weld argued the pair could be a "refreshing change" from the Bush and Obama administrations.
But Weld dismissed any speculation that he planned to step aside for Clinton.
"I would have the interests of the United States always uppermost, but I do not think those interests are advanced by me saying, 'oh I renounce my candidacy,'" he said.