"If you look at the way Donald Trump has conducted business — he crashes businesses into bankruptcy, leaving stores of businesses unpaid, people really hurting with the losses his companies have suffered," McCaskill said on "Fox News Sunday."
"But he walks away unscathed, and it appears he walks away with a golden ticket that allows him, under the tax code, to avoid taxes for decades."
The Missouri senator said Trump's tax plan would benefit billionaires.
"His tax plan benefits Donald Trump," she said.
"That should be no surprise to anyone, since that is the way he sees the world. He doesn't care about those small businesses he didn't pay. He doesn't care about the people who lost millions of dollars in all of his bankruptcies. He cares about Donald."

The New York Times report said a $916 million loss Trump reported on his 1995 income tax returns could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income tax for up to 18 years.

The Times obtained fragments of Trump’s 1995 tax records, not previously released, that show Trump reported a federal adjusted gross income loss of $915.7 million in the wake of financial struggles at three Atlantic City casinos, his airline business and purchase of Manhattan’s Plaza Hotel.

McCaskill said Sunday that Trump's idea of fixing the tax code is to "take care of billionaires."
"And his losses were something he used to avoid taxes, but those losses represent real pain to many people who never got paid," she said.
"He's said that he uses bankruptcy as a business tool. ... I mean, it's so ironic that he's trying to lift himself up as some kind of champion of working people. Look at his record and how he's treated working people throughout his life in business. It's not a good record."