Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, said what Clinton did before he became president and after his election was worse than his own lewd comments about women recorded in 2005.
"It was locker room talk, as I told you," Trump said of his remarks about groping women.
"If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse," Trump said. "Mine are words, and his was action. His was, what he's done to women, there's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women. 
Trump invited three women who have made accusations against Bill Clinton to the debate, along with a fourth who is a rape victim and has criticized Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her court-appointed work defending the accused rapist.
The four women sat in the same auditorium as the former president and Chelsea Clinton on Sunday.
"So don't tell me about words," he said. "I absolutely, I apologize to those words. ... When Hillary brings up a point like that and she talks about words that I said 11 years ago, I think it's disgraceful, and I think she should be ashamed of herself."

"He gets to run his campaign any way he chooses," Clinton said. "I am reminded of what my friend Michelle Obama advised us all. When they go low, you go high."