“I’d like to know, Anderson, why aren’t you bringing up the emails?” Trump asked after Cooper attempted to segue to an audience member's question about healthcare. 
Trump's barb came moments after Cooper’s co-moderator, Martha Raddatz, asked Clinton a question about her use of a private email server as secretary of State. 
“We brought up the emails,” Cooper responded. 
“No, it hasn’t,” Trump shot back. “It hasn’t. And it hasn’t been finished at all." 
“It’s nice, too, one-on-three,” he added, implying Cooper and Raddatz were teaming up with Clinton. 
The exchange capped off a combative start to Sunday’s presidential debate. 
Trump was put on the defensive over his sexually aggressive comments about women from the beginning of the debate.
He replied by attacking Clinton over her decision to delete tens of thousands of emails she deemed personal from the server she used to conduct official business as the nation’s top diplomat.