Trump campaign manager: Members of Congress have assaulted women
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Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump calls Sri Lankan prime minister following church bombings Ex-Trump lawyer: Mueller knew Trump had to call investigation a 'witch hunt' for 'political reasons' The biggest challenge from the Mueller Report depends on the vigilance of everyone MORE’s campaign manager tried to turn the spotlight on the sexual behavior of members of Congress after the Republican presidential nominee bragged about groping women in a recently unearthed audiotape.


Kellyanne Conway accused some current and former lawmakers of inappropriate behavior and suggested that she may have been victim to their unwanted sexual advances herself.

“There are members of Congress, current and former, who have rubbed up against women and who have put their tongues in their mouths uninvited,” Conway told Megyn Kelly on Fox News. “Maybe when I was younger and prettier, that may have happened to me.” 

Conway’s comments were made after Sunday night’s presidential debate, which came 48 hours after The Washington Post published damning audio of Trump making obscene sexual comments about women.

A flood of GOP lawmakers withdrew their endorsement of Trump and urged him to drop out of the race over the weekend. 

But Conway accused some lawmakers of being hypocrites.

“These people on their high horses are accusing him of being this awful person,” she said.

Kelly said that Conway should come back one day to “talk about those losers in Congress.”

“Yes, lets do that,” Conway said. “We can name them and shame them. Look out guys. Shouldn’t have done it.”