Fla. judge extends voter registration deadline after hurricane
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A federal district court judge in Florida has extended the voter registration deadline in the Sunshine State in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.


District Judge Mark Walker issued an order Monday extending the deadline for registration until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 12. 

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) last Thursday refused to extend the state's voting registration deadline in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The Florida Democratic Party sued Scott after he refused to extended the Oct. 11 deadline.

The court order issued Monday sets a hearing for Wednesday morning to discuss the possibility of extending it even further.

“Other states ravished by Hurricane Matthew extended their registration deadline to protect voters,” Walker said in the 16-page order. “In fact, fifteen other states, including, for example, Iowa, even allow registration on Election Day. It is incomprehensible that Florida could not follow suit.”

Walker noted that the right of voters to cast their ballots and have them counted is protected by the Constitution.

“These voters have already had their lives (and, quite possibly, their homes) turned upside down by Hurricane Matthew,” he said. “They deserve a break, especially one that is mandated by the United States Constitution. “