Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. suggested Wednesday that he would still vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald TrumpDonald TrumpCheney says a lot of GOP lawmakers have privately encouraged her fight against Trump Republicans criticizing Afghan refugees face risks DeVos says 'principles have been overtaken by personalities' in GOP MORE even in the wake of sexual assault allegations.


The New York Times reported Wednesday evening the stories of two women who say Trump in the past groped and kissed them without their permission. 

The Trump campaign quickly denied the allegations, calling it a "coordinated character assassination." 

"If what [the women] say is true, does Jerry Falwell Jr. vote for Donald Trump?" CNN anchor Erin Burnett asked him on her show Wednesday evening. 

"I'm going to vote for Donald Trump because I believe he is best qualified to be president of the United States. I'm not going to say anything to besmirch the character of any of these women. It's the heat of an election. It's four weeks from Election Day. Everybody's in a frenzy. We have to keep that in mind. The New York Times is very anti-Trump. I believe the statement that was just released. They absolutely denied the allegations," he said. 

"I take him at his word." 

Liberty University is the nation's largest Christian university, and Falwell was one of Trump's first major endorsements from an evangelical leader. 

Falwell went on to say the nation shouldn't focus on whether or not a candidate is a "good person" but on their policy positions. 

"We're not electing a pastor. We're electing a president, and that's what we need to keep our eyes on," Falwell said. 

"Our country is going to suffer if we get sidetracked on these rabbit trails about 'is this person a good person, is that person a good person?' It's not about that. It's about what are their positions on the issues." 

Falwell called Trump a "changed man" with flaws like everyone else. 

"It's hard for me to say that my sin is any better than Donald Trump's sins or anybody else's sins. The Bible teaches it — we're all sinners. We all need forgiveness."