“I notice this has been happening everywhere," the president said. "And I keep on telling folks, you’ve got to if you feel confident about your candidate, go to his rally. I feel confident about my candidate. That’s why I’m at this rally.”
Obama urged the demonstrator to “go knock on some doors for your guy.”
“That’s a better way for you to spend your time, unless you’re just being paid to be here, in which case, hey, you know, everybody’s got to make a living.”
Obama's jab sparked a raucous reaction from the crowd. 
It’s the second time this week Obama was disrupted by demonstrator calling Bill Clinton a rapist.
Protesters wearing T-shirts bearing that slogan interrupted his speech during a Clinton rally in Greensboro, N.C.
The protests are tied to radio host Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist who supports Trump. 
Jones recently offered $5,000 to listeners who call Bill Clinton, husband of the Democratic presidential nominee, a rapist on national TV.
“Anyone that gets on national TV with the shirt clearly, for more than five seconds, gets $1,000,” he said late last month on his "Infowars" program.