Report: Trump 'laughed off' alleged sexual harassment by  Gary Busey on 'Apprentice'

Actor Gary Busey allegedly sexually harassed a woman working on Donald Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice,” and when Trump heard about the incident, he laughed it off, The Daily Beast reports. 

Five employees of the NBC show confirmed the incident and Trump's reaction to the news outlet, and said Busey was allowed to stay on the show.


The NBC employees, as well as the alleged victim, told the publication that Busey “grabbed” the female employee “firmly between [the] legs” and also put her hand on the crotch of his pants. 

They said the incident occurred while taking a break prior to filming in New York City during “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2011.

“We were smoking cigarettes outside, and Busey was standing next to me. And then at one point, he grabbed me firmly between my legs, and ran his hand up my stomach, and grabbed my breasts,” the alleged victim told the Daily Beast, with a request her name not be used because of non-disclosure agreements. 

”I didn’t know what to do. So I made this joke that, ’Oh, I’ve never been sexually harassed by a celebrity before!’ Then he grabbed my hand and put it [over] his penis, and said, like, ‘I’m just getting started, baby.’”

Several staffers requested Busey to be removed from the show, but those who spoke to the Daily Beast said that when Trump found out about the incident, he laughed it off and permitted Busey to stay on the show. He eventually came in sixth place in the reality show competition.

The alleged victim said she didn’t continue to push about the incident in case her job was put at risk.

“I didn’t think I’d get hired again by the company if I said something like that [and pursued further action],” she said.

The accusation comes three days after Summer Zervos, a contestant on the fifth season of “The Apprentice,” held a press conference in Los Angeles claiming that Trump kissed and groped  her at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007. 

Nearly a dozen women have come forward accusing Trump of sexual assault in the wake of the audio leak of 2005 comments the real estate mogul made bragging about making sexual advances on women without their consent.

Trump apologized for the comments and chalked them up to “locker room” banter. But he has categorically denied the sexual assault allegations.

The alleged Busey victim also noted that Trump said “gross things all the time” while she was on “The Apprentice” and said she wasn’t surprised by the wave of sexual assault allegations against him.

“[Trump] is and always has been a joke—I can’t believe anyone now is taking him seriously,” she continued. “He’s a monster.”