Trump camp has spent more on hats than polling: report
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Donald TrumpDonald TrumpCapitol fencing starts coming down after 'Justice for J6' rally Netanyahu suggests Biden fell asleep in meeting with Israeli PM Aides try to keep Biden away from unscripted events or long interviews, book claims MORE's campaign has reportedly spent more money on hats than it has on polling.


Trump's presidential campaign has spent $1.8 million on polling from June 2015 through September 2016, according to Federal Election Commission reports analyzed by The Washington Post. In the same period, Team Trump earmarked at least $3.2 million for hats.

The Trump campaign has spent a total of $15.3 million on collateral, which includes items such as shirts, hats and signs. Trump supporters have at times seemed particularly fond of hats emblazoned with his "Make America Great Again" slogan.

The $15.3 million is more than the GOP nominee's campaign has spent on field consulting and voter lists and data.

Trump's campaign has also spent at least two times as much on collateral as it has on payroll, according to the analysis.