Trump blasts Clinton for criticizing hotel opening
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"[Clinton] said I used illegal immigrants to build the building. Except I didn't use one, for two reasons. Number one, because I didn't want to. And number two, I am running for president — why would I do that?" he asked during a campaign rally in Kinston, N.C.
"So I went with the E-Verify system, we didn't have one illegal immigrant on the job, everybody knows it ... believe me, we could have hired plenty. They are all over the place. They are all over the place, and I would have saved probably a lot of money, right?"
"I didn't hire one illegal immigrant to build Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue," he added.
Trump also responded to the criticism that he took time off from the campaign to promote the opening of his hotel.

"She said 'I took time off' and I am saying to myself — isn't that a terrible thing? We are outworking her, many more stops, many more everything, don't go home, she is home all the time, she takes many days off and then she said that."

Trump then lauded his children for spearheading the project and said that he simply "wanted to be with them to cut the ribbon."
Clinton on Wednesday attacked the GOP nominee for his campaign detour, slamming him for allegedly using illegal immigrants to "make his project cheaper."
“Today he’s in Washington, D.C., to open a new luxury hotel. While the hotel may be new, it’s the same old story,” she said at a rally in Lake Worth, Fla. “He relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper."
“We know he’s used undocumented workers. And that’s one of the things he’s run his campaign on, about deporting undocumented workers,” she added.