Comey on Friday sent a letter to lawmakers informing them that his agency is probing newly discovered emails related to the investigation into Clinton’s private email server.
Biden told CNN’s Michael Smerconish he’s not worried about Comey being unfair.
"I've found him to be a straight guy. He's a tough guy. He's a Republican, but he's always been straight and I'm confident that this will turn out fine," the vice president said.
He urged the FBI head to release the emails publicly.
"I think the quicker they release the emails for the public to see them the better off.”
Clinton and her campaign have called on Comey to provide voters with full transparency of the new probe. 
Biden said he had no prior knowledge that Comey’s letter was coming.
"I'm not allowed to comment at all. I know nothing about it. I just found out today," he said.