Manure dumped outside Dem headquarters in Ohio
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A large truckload of manure was dumped in front of the Warren County Democratic Party headquarters in Ohio, according to The Washington Post.


A similar incident happened at the same offices in 2012, but nobody was ever charged with the crime, the Post notes. 

“At the time, we did not have a camera system, because it kind of caught us by surprise,” said Bethe Goldenfield, the chairwoman of the Warren County Democratic Party.

“We didn’t think something like that would happen," she told the Post. 

But this time, the dump was caught on camera. The Warren County Sheriff's Office is now reviewing the footage, according to the Post. 

“And I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that it was the same person [as in 2012], but of course that crossed my mind,” Goldenfield said. “We just need to have a little more specifics, and then hopefully we’ll bring the perpetrators to be accountable.”

The pile was about 20 feet wide and 3 feel tall, she estimated.