Gary Johnson: 'This is just a start'
© Moriah Ratner

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary JohnsonGary Earl JohnsonTrump's GOP challenger: 'I may be reduced' to debating Alec Baldwin Amash won't rule out Libertarian challenge to Trump Buzz grows Amash will challenge Trump as a Libertarian MORE on Tuesday thanked his supporters for backing the Libertarian ticket on Election Day, arguing they were part of a "movement."

"This is just a start of a really big movement, the Libertarian movement," Johnson said to a cheering crowd in Albuquerque, N.M.


"I think the next election cycle, I think there are going to be so many wonderful candidates line up all from top to bottom on the Libertarian ticket, and I think there is going to be a third voice," he said.

Johnson also praised the eight newspapers that endorsed him and his vice presidential nominee, Bill Weld, lauding the publications for their commitment to endorse the "best candidates" for president.

"You know what the eight newspapers said? They said these guys might now win, but we as newspapers have an obligation to point out the best candidates for president," he said.

Johnson partly attributed his loss to the inability of Libertarians to participate in presidential debates due to the criteria established by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

"We weren't in the presidential debate, and that sucks," Johnson said, reiterating his criticism of the commission.

"Let's wish the eventual victor tonight best wishes," Johnson said, stating that he hopes that the winner will bring Americans back together.

Johnson made his remarks as Republican Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpPossible GOP challenger says Trump doesn't doesn't deserve reelection, but would vote for him over Democrat O'Rourke: Trump driving global, U.S. economy into recession Manchin: Trump has 'golden opportunity' on gun reforms MORE seemed to hold an edge over Democrat Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonLewandowski on potential NH Senate run: If I run, 'I'm going to win' Fighter pilot vs. astronaut match-up in Arizona could determine control of Senate Progressive Democrats' turnout plans simply don't add up MORE in the electoral vote race.

Johnson concluded Tuesday by thanking his supporters for backing a third party and voting their conscience.

"Always hold your head high ... thank you very, very much for being out here and supporting this campaign," Johnson exclaimed as his supporters cheered for the Libertarian nominee.

Johnson is projected to come third in many states across the country as the polls come to a close on Election Day. His best performance appeared to be in his home state of New Mexico where the Libertarian was projected to receive around 9 percent of the vote.