InfoWars leader Alex Jones in a new video says President-elect Donald Trump called to thank him after winning the White House.
In a 6-minute long video posted Saturday to Infowars, Jones said Trump took the time to call him after speaking to multiple world leaders.
"'I wanted to talk to you to thank your audience and I'll be on in the next few weeks to thank them,'" Jones quoted the president-elect as saying.
The Hill has reached out to Trump's transition team to confirm the phone call.
Jones saw the call as a win for his website, which is known for promoting conspiracy theories.
"It shows he's not the average elitist," Jones said.
In the video, Jones took to his usual criticism of the mainstream media, citing Trump's victory as a defeat over the major networks.
"You are pathetic, Fox News, fake right-wing news. You are pathetic, CNN. You are pathetic, MSNBC. You are demoralized. You are defeated. You are pathetic. You are overrun," he said. 
"Your hoaxes do not work on us. You are absolute enemies of this country. We are going to drain the swamp, and you know you're scum, and we're just here to let you know you're scum," he added.