"Democrats' hypocrisy is appalling. And with their silence, they are sanctioning the actions of Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner and numerous others who have assaulted, harassed, and preyed on women," says a joint memo released by the Republican National Committee, National Republican Senatorial Committee, Republican Governors' Association, National Republican Congressional Committee and Republican State Leadership Committee.


The memo is the latest effort from the GOP to counter Democrats' "war on women" narrative by pointing to bad behavior of some of their members and attack them for not doing more or moving faster to decry their actions. The party committees have been individually pushing this attack for weeks.

Democrats gained traction during the 2012 election by attacking Republicans on contraception and abortion issues, and were helped by comments on rape and abortion from two GOP Senate candidates. The GOP is arguing those pale in comparison to Filner's alleged repeated sexual harassment of women and Weiner's online sexual activity.

"Where's the outrage? Why aren’t leading Democrats like President Obama, Vice President Biden, and former Secretary Clinton, standing up for these women?" continues the memo. "Let's be clear: Democrats made up and launched the contrived 'war on women,' and the media happily went along with it. Clearly they didn't think through their 'war' strategy. It's now backfired and exposed them as the hypocrites that they are. And since you won't hear about that in the mainstream media, it's up to all of us to get the truth out."

Democrats have fired back in recent days, releasing a memo outlining the GOP's push to limit abortions in a number of states.

"Republicans are desperately trying to change the subject because they know that their policy proposals continue to be toxic with women. In 2012, Republicans’ offensive rhetoric and extreme positions cost them the White House and numerous Congressional races – and it’s clear they haven’t learned their lesson," said Democratic National Committee spokesman Michael Czin. "Instead of learning from their mistakes, Republicans have doubled down on the same old proposals that adversely affect women – on issues like access to health care, pay equity and education. Republicans don’t just have a message problem with women – they have a substance problem, and until they reverse course and change the policies that they’re proposing they’ll continue to lose the support of women voters at the local, state and national level."

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