“I believe it’s time for a full and clear-eyed look at how far we have come, how far we still have to go and what we plan to do together about the unfinished business of the 21st century: the full and equal participation of women,” Clinton, a former secretary of State, said Wednesday at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

She plans to finish the review by 2015, two decades after she gave her historic address at the 1995 U.N. Conference on Women in Beijing and declared "women's rights are human rights."

Clinton has made that theme, and women's advancement, a centerpiece of her time at State and her life following her retirement.

Since stepping down as secretary of State, Clinton has given multiple speeches on the issue and said she plans to pursue initiatives to further women's rights in the coming months and years through her work for the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton is a heavy favorite to take the Democratic nomination if she runs in 2016, and though she hasn't yet indicated her plans, she did say on Tuesday at the CGI meeting that it "would be a very strong statement" for the United States to elect a female president.