Sen. Bernie SandersBernie SandersThe Memo: The center strikes back Sanders against infrastructure deal with more gas taxes, electric vehicle fees Sunday shows - Voting rights, infrastructure in the spotlight MORE (I-Vt.) said early Thursday he is winning over more GOP voters in his campaign for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.


“There are more than a few Republicans for Bernie Sanders out there,” he told hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“Don’t be surprised if we do well with a number of Republicans,” the White House hopeful said.

“I think the message we are bringing forth — that we have got to come together to say that Wall Street and corporate America cannot continue to dominate our political and economic life [and] that we need an economy that works for working families and not just the 1 percent, a lot of Republicans will respond to that, too,” Sanders added.

Sanders argued that his economic politics are what is helping him attract Republican supporters before next year’s general presidential election.

“Republicans have to send their kids to college,” he said. “Working-class Republicans can’t afford to do that.

“Working-class Republicans have seen their factories shut down and moved to China,” Sanders continued.

“Working-class Republicans are equally disgusted about a campaign-finance system which allows billionaires now to buy elections,” he added.

The Vermont lawmaker said not all Republicans will agree with his positions, however.

“Look, let’s not dismiss the fact that there are strong differences of opinion,” Sanders said. “Many Republicans are pro-life. I am pro-choice.

“There are differences on guns. There are differences on gay marriage,” he added.

Sanders said that his message is one that resonates with every American, regardless of party affiliation.

“This campaign is not really about Bernie Sanders,” he said. “It’s about transforming America.”

“The only way we can do that is to revitalize American democracy [and] bring millions of people who have given up on our political process back into it,” Sanders added.