Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpStephen Miller: Trump to further crackdown on illegal immigration if he wins US records 97,000 new COVID-19 cases, shattering daily record Biden leads Trump by 8 points nationally: poll MORE went after a fire marshall at his Colorado Springs event on Friday afternoon and suggested he was a Clinton supporter because he wouldn’t let more people into the venue. 

“So I have to tell you this. This is why our country doesn’t work,” Trump started as soon as he got onto the stage. “We have plenty of space here. We have thousands of people outside trying to get in. And we have a fire marshal that said, ‘Oh we can’t allow more people.’” 


Trump explained that the venue had set up an overflow room for the extra supporters who were waiting outside and weren’t let into the main space. He said it was “unfair” to the people at the event not to let them into the main venue.

"And the reason they won’t let them in is because they don’t know what the hell they’re doing,” Trump continued. “Hey, maybe they’re a Hillary person. Could that be possible? Probably. I don’t think there are too many of them.” 

Trump compared the fire marshal’s decision to limit the event’s capacity to “the kind of thing we have in federal government.” 

“Then you wonder why we’re going to hell,” he said. “That’s why we’re going to hell.” 

“He’s probably a Democrat,” Trump said about the fire marshal again at the end of his speech. “He’s probably a guy that doesn’t get it.”

According to the The Gazette, a Colorado Springs newspaper, the fire marshal, Brett Lacey, was named Civilian of the Year in February for his efforts following the November shooting at the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic.