MSNBC's host Chris Matthews pressed Johnson to name any foreign leader "of any country in any continent" that he respects or looks up to at a town hall event.

Johnson loudly exhaled as he struggled to think of a name. 

"I guess I am having an Aleppo moment," he said before offering "the former president of Mexico."
But when Matthews asked "which one," Johnson said he couldn't remember the name.
"I am having a brain freeze," Johnson answered as his running mate, Bill Weld, came to his rescue by mentioning Vicente Fox.
Weld then jumped in to say he admired Angela Merkel of Germany.
Johnson also attempted to defend his infamous Aleppo question at the beginning of the town hall by arguing that voters need to look beyond geographical names and examine the deeper problem with U.S. foreign policy. 
"Here is what I am getting really emotional over, and by the way I blew this Aleppo question, OK, I want to take full responsibility for that," he said.
When Matthews pushed Johnson to say what he has done to compensate for his error, Johnson told him to "forget about Aleppo completely and get to the root of what it's all about."
Johnson then proceeded to say that just "because a politician can dot the I's and cross the T's on some geographic location" does not mean that he or she should be trusted on the question of foreign interventions. 
"As a result of those interventions, our men and servicewomen are getting killed, they are getting maimed, they are getting injured for the rest of their lives. And in this case hundreds of thousands of innocents in these countries that get caught in the crossfire of these civil wars," Johnson added.
Johnson had a major gaffe in a recent interview in which he asked "What is Aleppo?" when asked what he would do about the besieged Syrian city.