Illinois Democrats released their congressional redistricting map Friday that spells bad news for three House Republicans.

The state is losing one House seat — with Democrats in control of the redistricting process, the party sees a chance to win back some of the seats lost in the 2010 election.

It's three suburban Chicago lawmakers who took the toughest hits.

Freshman GOP Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Robert Dold, along with veteran lawmaker Judy Biggert, would face Democratic incumbents under the plan, according to The Associated Press.

Kinzinger will face veteran Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.; Biggert, a seven-term lawmaker, would face two-term Democrat Rep. Mike Quigley, and Dold will face longtime Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky.

Republicans won four House seats in President Obama's home state last year, and the proposed-map would give Democrats a shot at regaining some of those districts.

State Democrats are trying to get the plan approved before the May 31, when the legislative session is scheduled to end.

Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) blasted the plan, saying the proposed map "is the unfortunate result of cynical partisans who want to override the decision of Illinois voters."

All the Republican members of the Illinois delegation signed into a statement Friday, blasting the draft plan.

"This proposal appears to be little more than an attempt to undo the results of the elections held just six months ago and we will take whatever steps necessary to achieve a map that more fairly represents the people of Illinois – they deserve nothing less," the lawmakers said.

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