After months of trailing by double digits, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has pulled about even with his potential Republican challengers, according to a new Las Vegas Review-Journal poll.

If the election were held today, Reid would fall just 3% short of former Nevada Republican chairwoman Sue Lowden (39%-42%), would defeat ex-Assemblywoman Sharron Angle by the same margin (42%-39%), and is in a statistical dead heat with businessman Danny Tarkanian (41%-42%).

Reid hasn't grown any more popular in the state. Forty-seven percent of Nevada voters have an unfavorable opinion of him. But his opponents have been taking a drubbing in the press. Lowden committed an embarrassing gaffe by seeming to suggest that Nevadans could get healthcare by paying their doctor with a chicken. Angle has been portrayed as a far-right Tea Partier.

The poll shows that any of the Republicans still have a shot at the nomination. If the primary were held today, Lowden would receive 30% of the vote, cmopared to 29% for Angle and 23% for Tarkanian.