Florida Gov. Charlie Crist may have dodged a bullet in his independent campaign for the state's Senate seat.

The conservative Club for Growth (CFG) may not organize a refund effort for Crist's donors as it did last year for donors to Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.).

Specter's switch to the Democratic Party came with an offer by him to return funds from GOP donors. CFG officials took him up on the offer and coordinated a refund effort that eventually netted around $1 million. Crist, however, has said he won't return funds from Republican donors.

CFG spokesman Michael Connolly said Tuesday the group is "still reassessing" whether it will organize any refund effort for Crist donors. "It's possible that we may not, ultimately," Connolly said. "If he's making it pretty plain that he intends on running with ill-gotten funds, he's made his position clear."