It's never a good sign when a candidate's campaign goes dark a week before the primary election.

In California, Republican Senate candidate Tom Campbell has pulled all his TV ads and is relying on Web ads and phone calls to get out the vote, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Tuesday was his last day on the air and the decision could help give the nomination to former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. Fiorina has lent her campaign several million dollars from her personal fortune, including an additional $3 million in the past few weeks.

On Tuesday, Campbell wrote on his campaign website's blog: "I don't have personal millions like Carly Fiorina to spend on my campaign – but I do have something my opponents can't offer. According to a just released LA Times/USC poll, I am defeating [Democratic Sen.] Barbara Boxer by 7 points – the first time a Republican has ever led her. The poll shows Carly Fiorina losing by 6 points, and Chuck DeVore losing by 10. I can defeat Barbara Boxer, my opponents can't. … While 30-second TV ads have had an impact in this race, the most powerful way to sway voters is through a personal contact from a friend or colleague – you."

The same Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California poll that Campbell referenced showed Fiorina leading Campbell, 38 percent to 23 percent, for the GOP nomination. Former state assemblyman Chuck DeVore came in third with 16 percent.

Campbell spokesman Jamie Fisfis told the Times that the campaign is making “day-to-day decisions on how to spend our money” and plans to target many likely Republican voters with automated calls Thursday.

“It’s a question of how we get our message out. TV isn’t always the most efficient,” Fisfis said.

The primary is June 8th. California has one of the most expensive media markets in the country.