In what was seen as a rebuke to Rand Paul (R), the Kentucky Senate passed a sharply-worded resolution expressing its support for the Civil Rights Act and criticizing as "outside the mainstream of American values" those who oppose any part of the law.

In recent interviews Paul, the Kentucky GOP's nominee for U.S. Senate, cited parts of the law as an example of government over-involvement in the lives of its citizens.

Senate Resolution 31 was co-sponsored by all but one member of the Republican-controlled chamber. It passed on a voice vote last Friday.

"There's not very much in this resolution that anyone could disagree with," state Senate President David Williams (R) told the Lexington Herald-Leader

"Suggestions have appeared recently that we retreat from the core values of the protection of equal rights of the citizens of the United States," the resolution states. Only an "extreme minority of persons in the United States" would support such a move. It does not mention Paul by name.

The Paul campaign declined to comment on the resolution.