Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) continues to struggle with voters of her own party, according to new numbers from Public Policy Polling. 

The poll found Hutchison's approval ratings have taken a dive since she lost a nasty Republican primary to Gov. Rick Perry. In a PPP poll from February of 2009, Hutchison's approval rating was near 60 percent. But her latest approval number stands at just 37 percent, with 43 percent of voters disapproving. 

A full 48 percent of respondents said Hutchison should not run again in 2012. 

From pollster Tom Jensen:

"Texas doesn't seem a likely candidate to elect a Democratic Senator any time soon so the greatest challenge for Hutchison in 2012 could be if she draws a serious primary challenger from the right flank of her party. Even among Republicans only 42% say they'd vote for Hutchison again to 41% who say they would rather vote for someone else, and it's clear that ideology is a big factor in that sentiment. 39% of GOP voters think Hutchison's too liberal to 46% who are comfortable with her ideologically."

After her gubernatorial bid, Hutchison indicated she would not run for re-election to the Senate in 2012, but she has since failed to rule out a run for another term.