The first woman ever to serve Nevada in Congress, former Rep. Barbara Vucanovich (R), told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she will have a tough time voting for Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle in November.  

Her comments came in a story about gender politics in the Senate race — Angle would be the state's first female senator if she wins in November. From the LVRJ:

Vucanovich, a well-respected GOP matriarch, said she isn't sure she'll vote for Angle on Nov. 2.

Vucanovich said it's not because of Angle's conservative views but because of her record of not compromising as a lawmaker. Angle often was the lone "no" vote, refusing to go along with moderate GOP leaders.

"She's very rigid and I have a little bit of trouble understanding her positions," Vucanovich said. "So I'm not out there waving the flag. She's a very difficult person. She's very positive in her own way, but when you're elected you have to work for everybody."

What about making history by putting a woman in the U.S. Senate?

"I'd love to see a woman from Nevada in the Senate," said Vucanovich, who added that she won't vote for Reid but must think "long and hard" before deciding whether to throw her support behind Angle or choose none of the candidates. "I just don't know if Sharron can beat Harry."

During the Republican primary, Vucanovich backed Sue Lowden over Angle.