President Barack Obama is in Missouri on Thursday raising money for Secretary of State Robin Carnahan's (D) Senate campaign and talking jobs at an electric car factory. 

It's a trip Carnahan's Republican challenger, Rep. Roy Blunt, says is likely to help his campaign in the long run. 

"I believe he's helping me more than her," Blunt said on a conference call with reporters Thursday morning.

Republicans are anxious to tie Carnahan to the president. Obama's approval ratting in the state is under 50 percent and key parts of his legislative agenda are deeply unpopular there. A June Rasmussen poll found 61 percent of Missouri voters support repealing the administration's health care law. 

Speaking in Kansas City earlier this afternoon, the president said the economy is "moving in the right direction."

The president will headline a fundraiser for Carnahan on Thursday before he heads off to Nevada to stump for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.